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okay. okay. murder two, two counts. concurrent sentences, 20-to-life. worst thing for him? he'll miss robbie's college graduation. ctioning onsoreby iversal udios doestic levision tonight at 9. breaking news.
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man shot and killed at bart station. we have the very latest on it. teacher arrested for child porn. why police say he is the worst of the worst. >> parents of newtown shooting victims team up with bay area tech leaders. why they think silicon valley help fight gun violence. >> new plan to strike a balance between the environment and our growing thirst for water. will a 35 mile tunnel do the trick? >> highest paid banker in the >> highest paid banker in the
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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. breaking news is killing at the richmond bart station. this its sky 7 hd video over the scene. it happened during rush hour tonight at 6:20. man was found with a gun shot wound at the top of the stairs leaving the station. he was pronounced dead on the spot. the gunman is still on the run at this point. bart service is not interrupted but bus service to and from the station is affected. bart bus is taking passengers to the el cerrito station tonight. >> and we are on the scene more breaking news. sky 7 hd above 25th and alabama street after san francisco portrero hill district. backhoe ruptured a two inch plastic gas line just before 7 this evening. 15 people from 5 homes were evacuated. department of had you been works crew shut off the leak at 8:00 o'clock about an hour ago. evacuee allowed to go back to the home just half hour later at 8:30. now crew will be out working until the line is repaired this
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evening. >> trusted teacher is arrested on chilled pornography charges and police say he is among the worst of the worst. here he i is. nathan fore spell police base description of him on the enormous number of pictures that they found. he taught in nearly a dozen schools. more tonight from 7 news reporter allen wong. >> in a sting operation police say they caught 44-year-old nathan fore still trying to share the pornographic files of children between 4 and nine years of age. >> most of the collection we run in will average anywhere from 100 to 500 images. >> but detectives say fore still had more than 1,000 pornographic video clips and images of children. >> there are so many suspects out there that are sharing child pornography that we have to pick the worst of the worst. >> fore still arrested yesterday at martin luther king jr. high in the monterey county community of sea side where he has been a teacher for only a month. but he spent the last 4 years substitute teaching in san jose allen rock
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school district. >> whenever this happens whenever we, it is like getting punched in the stomach. >> the superintendent passed a background check and taught at 11 of the 27 district schools and prior to this school he substitute taught for 13 years in new york, florida, california. >> greatest fear would be that this goes beyond just the possession of child pornography where he tried to influence students. >> fore still has been released without bail under supervised conditions but he was not at his san jose apartment today. >> 20 kid around there and he played. not good. >> search of the home found no evidence to show fore still was producing child porn but now police want parents to find out if the children may have been victimized by him. >> i don't know that's a hard one. i with not know how to talk to him about that. but i guess it has to be done. >> with the limited resources
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the child exploit unit says it make about his 2 to 3 arrest a week. that's about 125 a year. and they say that's just a fraction of the child porno fender out there. reporting in san jose, abc 7 news. >> we have just gotten this update on this story literally moments ago during allen report. that the suspect in this case nathan fore still we have confirmed has tried to commit suicide. unsuccessfully and was rushed to the hospital. we have more on this story during the hour if we get it and certainly full report on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. but again the suspect fore still just tried to kill himself. >> three months ago today a gun man killed 20 students in newtown, connecticut. at the school there. families are trying to move forward with help if the bay area tech industry. heather explains ho how. you is. >>reporter: on december 14, 2 20, first graders and 6 educators murdered at sandy
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hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. among the children shot and killed, 7-year-old daniel barreden. >> three months ago today on december 14, i held his little hand as we walked to the bus. kissed him goodbye. for as you know would be the last time. >>reporter: the next day a grass roots organization called sandy hook promise launched by friends neighbors of the victim. today in san francisco sandy hook promise was joined by dream team of tech industry venture capitalist and angel investor to announce the backing nationwide ncaa innovation in gun safety, mental health and school safet safety. as only the tech industry can. smart gun technology are promising. >> some of those include pass codes. others include electronic firing pin. others include rf i.d. >>reporter: 6-year-old richmond was jennifer and jeremy only child. their
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scientist who want to pursue brain imaging technology. >> we don't know enough and we can't identify and intervene before people become vailt unless we know what to look for and how to treat it. >>reporter: still in -- dillon would have turned 7 last frida friday. his mother hopes this is a turning point for the nation. this morning she met with bay area family whose lost kids to gun violence. >> look of pain in their eyes has become all too familiar to me. it's the same pain i see in the families who also lost loved ones on 12-14 and the same pain i see every time i look in the mirror. >>reporter: so far 30 venture capitalist angel investors signed on promising to help fund and nuture promising companys to maturity and the market. in san francisco, heather, abc 7 news. >> federal assault weapon ban
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will now face vote before the entire senate after it cleared the senate judiciary committee today. senators voted for the bill along party lines 10-8. democrat hold majority of the senate. they rejected several attempt by republican to exempt certain people from the law. and the debate before today's vote feature add heated exchange between texas republican ted cruz and california democrat diane feinstein. >> seems to me all of us should begin as foundational document with the constitution. and the second amendment bill of rights provides that the right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringsd. >> i'm not a sixth grader. senator i have been on this committee for 20 years. i was a mayor for nine years. i walked in. i saw people shot. i have looked at bodies that have been shot with these weapons. i have seen the bullets that implode. in sandy hook weapons i have been, i'm not a lawyer. ç >>reporter: feinstein referring there to the assassination of mayor moscone
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and supervisor milk in san francisco city hall. president obama first proposed new assault weapon ban after december deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut. >> from sacramento tonight story of unintended consequences. it seems the effort to save california money by forcing state employee to take furlough days worked. it saved the state a lot of money. but it cost us apparently almost as much in other ways. annette explains. >>reporter: at the height of the recession despite protest state workers were forced to take as many as three days off without pay during the arnold schwarzenegger administration. today the fur 0continue at one day a month under governor brown. new report by the independent legislative analyst office found furlough saved the state 5 billion dollars in the short-term over 5 years. but increase vacation and leave time by 50%.
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>> during furlough employees would use the furlough in lieu of vacation. vacation. employl have bank furlough day. >>reporter: problem with mandate of using furlough day first is employee racked up vacation day and when they leave the state job they are entitled 0to cash out all the unused time which can be more than the annual salary. >> if allstate employee were to separate employment today, we would have 0to pay out the value. >>reporter: 3.9 billion. >> in the budget year 2011-2012 pay out were all time high. 2 70 million dollars. analysis also found many state agency were not enforcing the cap of adrawing no more than 80 vacation days. nearly 24,000 state workers are currently over that cap. >> duh. no kidding. >>reporter: scientist union points out the report failed to account for what the pay cuts can to workers. who struggled financially after losing an average of 21,000 dollars.
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state workers never wanted furlough. >> those vacation balances are up by design. that was the plan of the past administratio administration. current administration is continued furlough so that's the cost of doing business. >>reporter: taxpayers group say it's time for the legislature to act. >> i think the entire personnel policy including the furlough policy should be reviewed top to bottom. >>reporter: legislative analyst recommend offering cash buy-out now at current salary. legislative analyst recommend offering cash buy-out now at current salary and enforcing the 80 day cap. report suggest law make tears a look at long-term cost before using furlough again. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> of rally at city hall today to save city college. state largest college faces a deadline tomorrow l to private is more financial secure if it can't, the college in san francisco could lose its accreditation.
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>> head of wells fargo is the highest paid banker in the country. john stump made just under 23 million dollars last year. that's up 15 percent from 2011. he sets increase reflect the bank strong performance. wells earned 18.9 billion dollars up 19 percent from 2011. state water officials today unveiled first part of 23 billion dollar plan to balance the delta ecosystem with need for stable water smrichlt it include as controversial proposal for a 35 mile opportunity toll carry water to farmers in the central valley and elsewhere. the story tonight from abc news reporter laura anthony. >> this isn't about waging war. about resolving sochl some of the most critical resource management conflict in california ivshtion with that the director of the calf department of water resources released a draft of the first chapter of the bay delta conservation plan. >> our plan isn't without controversy. no plan of this magnitude could be. but
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because of the effort we have put in to working through tough issues, this plan enjoys unprecedented amount of consensus. >>reporter: 50 year plan includes building 3 new diversion inlets or pump in the northern part of the delta that would channel water to 2, 35 mile long underground tunnel. they would then link up with the existing pump and aquaduct in the south dealt 8. talking about restoration potentially observable from space. >>reporter: the draft includes 22 conservation measures. 214 biological goal and protection for 57 species. including the endangered delta smelt. but most not fish. this video provided by the department of water resource. >> sand hill crane. plan proposes to restore protect manage 16,000 acres of sand hill habitat. >>reporter: critic of the plan say whatever environmental benefit they contain are outweighed by the shortcomings. >> the tunnel obviously
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upstream from the delta means less fresh water going into the delta. >>reporter: golden gate salmon association claims the draft plan could seriously undermine the delta already fragile salmon run. >> without water nothing is going to happen. we have to provide for adequate and proper flow to keep the delta moving the way it is supposed to move and keep the fish moving the way they are supposed to go. >> now the 3 intake pump would be placed just upstream from where i'm standing here along the sacramento river. but there is a long road ahead at least a couple years before any construction could begin. long process against next week with public meeting in sacramento. this is abc 7 news. >> there is much more ahead for you this thursday night. coming up. homeland security agent in the bay area faces child pornography charges. only we have inside information on his arrest. plus. >> why are some customers of east bay mud getting bills for
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a year's worth of water? i'm michael, ahead on 7 on your side, we'll get to the bottom oft. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya from dry to wet when the parent is change coming up. >> thanks. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00 continues in just news at 9:00 continues in just a moment.
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>> now to story only on abc 7 news tonight. bay area homeland security agent is facing child pornography charges. investigation started back in 2011 and ended justless week with the arrest of this man. gilbert lamb be. vick lee with the exclusive details. >>reporter: police arrested gilbert lamb be almost year and a half ago for exchanging child porn on the internet. investigators went to his san francisco home and found more than 85 images and videos. inspector kenneth photojournalist tells abc 7 news he was stunned at the sophistication of lamb be xawter set up. >> it was quite elaborate. the resources and electronic expertise he had. i remember being at the house and he had a whole closet downstairs like he had his own independent server. several computers. several
9:20 pm
hard drives. electronic storage did he vases. >>reporter: lamb be is a homeland security agent working in customs and border protection. prosecutors say at the time of his arrest he worked at san francisco international airport security checkpoint for passengers from over seas flights. homeland security launch its own lengthy investigation of lamb be. agency then gave its findings to the u.s. attorney office for possible prosecution. >> u.s. attorney came become to us about two weeks ago. they felt it would be better prosecuted on state level. >>reporter: san francisco prosecutors decided last week to prosecute lamb be who wasrea. >> nobody is above the law. certainly we expect more from our law enforcements officers and make this is case extremely disturning to me. >>reporter: he says his office will conduct its own probe to see how extensive lamb be networking was. >> we don't know file sharing network was confined only to
9:21 pm
pornography or other information there or the other people. >>reporter: late today homeland security issued a statement which says in part we will accept nothing less than 100 percent compliance with highest standard of integrity. we did not tolerate corruption or abuse within our ranks. now homeland security tells us lamb is still employed by customs and border protection. but that's about all they will say on his status. lamb being held on 150,000 dollar bail. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> 14-year-old student at thornton junior high school in fremont has been arrested for calling a bomb threat into the school not once but twice authorities say. latest call happened this morning. yesterday the school went in lock down after it received a similar threat. police do not believe the 14-year-old water acting alone. boy has been charged with two counts of making terrorist threats. facing some very serious trouble. >> all right. spencer is off. sandhya is here with the
9:22 pm
forecast. still lacking lovely but i guess we financially got rain on the horizon. >> we do model to model run consistent. so next tuesday night we will be talking about umbrella weather as we check out live doppler 7hd no rain on our radar. you can see it's just watching some clouds moving through. most of that mid high level clouds now shifting to the south so we are starting to see agent bit of clearing in the north bay and that just means that the fog will be forming in patches along the coast. already seeing tonight half moon basement view from the roof cam are we look to the bay bridge visibility is great exploratorium 52 degrees. 57 in san carlos. san jose 56 degrees. as we look at this camera from our high definition mount tamalpiais camera. shake c camera. and some patches of fog moving in. temperatures 55 in napa right now. hayward is reporting a number of 57 degrees. so most areas in the 50's. mostly cloudy overnight. cool mild for friday afternoon
9:23 pm
and dry weekend don't get too used to it. rain coming in next week. here's look at the pacific satellite picture and you will see the cloud just manufacturing through the bay area. harmless. these are not rain clouds. they are just passing through. keeping us company for the time being. tomorrow you will see high clouds and coastal fog again so here's computer animation. 11:00 p.m. you see some of the high clouds moving through then watch this little watch. could see some fog returning but occasional high cloudiness the story for your friday. temperatures very similar to today. so if you lake today are, chances are you will lick tomorrow's weather. give yourself more time. morning commute will feature some fog especially near the coast an over parts of the bay. but not kuwait as wide spread as it was this morning. or as dense thanks to all the extra cloud cover that we have in the upper parts of the atmosphere. temperature low 40's to low 50's and then by the afternoon it's going to be nice and mild. south bay 74. san jose 73 for new santa clara. 76 degrees in
9:24 pm
los gatos. still milder than where you should be on the peninsula. mountain view 72. 68 in san mateo o. upper 50's coast side and you will see the lingering low cloud well in the afternoon. daly city 58 degrees. 65 in downtown san francisco. in the north bay, 71 in san rafael. 74 for new santa rosa. sonoma. 75 calistoga. east bay you ever going to see temperatures ranging from the upper 60's around berkeley to the low 70's oakland. newark and inland community still pleasant. almost spring like here. sfooin 75 in concord. 77 degrees antioch. here's lack at my accu-weather 7 day forecast and the temperatures remain about the same on saturday. although it gets breezy this weekend cooler on sunday. st. patrick's day. remaining dry on monday but you will notice the much cooler weather tuesday wednesday with low to mid 50's coast side low to mid 60's inland. and the rain will be coming back in time for spring's arrival wednesday at 4:02. >> wednesday spring is here.
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>> yes. >> thanks very much. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. being biden. vice president gets his own show. >> also. water log 2 string unplayable violin up for sale. why it could be worth more than half million dollars. >> and 2 wing or 4? >> an[ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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>> couple of items about the past. scientist say ancient birds may have used 4 wing to fly instead of 2. researchers in china say more than 100 million years ago birds there supported wings on their legs. the birds flew kind of like a biplane with the extra wing
9:29 pm
providing a second bit of lift. it's believed the birds eventually shed the second set to use the legs more effectively. birds were slightly larger than a crow. >> and if it is confirmed, the violin played by the leader of the band on board the titanic found. wallace hartley in the band died on the infamous voyage. they played a hymn as the ship slipped beneath the sea. moment made fame news the movie titanic. ♪ gentlemen it has been a privilege playing with you tonight. >>reporter: violin was found in an at ticket it has 2 strings missing and crack down the side of the rots wood body. historians scientist and forensic experts spent seven years stabbing its authenticit authenticity. water stain unplayable at this point and instrument auctioned later this year and could fetch more than 600,000 dollars.
9:30 pm
>> coming up here next. we we couldly fast wi-fi how fast is the super speedy internet access rolled out today in the capitol of silicon valley. >> new chapter for bill and nadia lock yea. california state treasurer decides to give his marriage another go. >> have shock ads gone too far? car sales man who looks like he's getting the ride of his life and never guess who is behind the wheel. and the thief who tried to escape by swimming away in the oakland east fewary. stay with us. another half hour of news well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows.
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with qualifying bundles. >> the transition to new billing system is being blamed for tens of thousands of east
9:34 pm
bay mud customers not getting their bills on time. 7 on your side michael found that some people are literally as a result drowning in debt. >>reporter: this man of oakland lives on small budget and takes pride in keeping up with his bills. after about three months of not getting his water bill, he thought he should check in on it. >> around july i was starting to wonder why hasn't my bill come. contact east bay mud. they have no answer for me. >>reporter: called back few months later but still no explanation from east bay mud. this is the machine that stuffs the bill into envelope before they get mailed. it had been 6 months since his bill not among those sent out. he decided to check his account on line. it showed a zero balance. manny began to worry. >> i knew eventually it would catch up with me. there's just no way they could not charge
9:35 pm
for water. >>reporter: more months would pachlts there would still be no bill. at this point manny was more than concerned. >> pretty upset and telling them i don't want to get stuck with a large bill here. i need you guys to look into this. >>reporter: nicholas is with east bay mud. >> we rely previously on a 24-year-old system to manage all of our customer accounts and we had reached a point in time where it was no longer feasible to continue to operate the system. >>reporter: here's what went wrong. east bay mud had installed new billing software 18 months ago. in the transition has had a few rough spots. the water utility tells 7 on your side that 42 thousands of its 400,000 total accounts failed to 7 bills on time. that slately more than 10%. >> we thought in working with the new system that the bill had been sent. when in fact it had not been released yet.
9:36 pm
>>reporter: making matters worse, manny's water meter had become fog and couldn't be read. >> the conversion to the new system screws taking a little longer to deal with those kinds of situations. >>reporter: it would be 10 months before manny would finally 7 his bill. 8:35 east bay mud customers have had bills delivered at least 10 months late. manny bill came with an apology. along with balance for 650 dollars payable in less than two weeks. now east bay mud will allow him and others who express a hardship to pay off their bill over a year without interest or penalty. as for manny, the utility also conducted an audit on his past bills and found some excessive charges. due to leaky pipes. >> they are talking about reimbursing me 60 some odd dollars for that bill. >>reporter: east bay mud tells us it still has 1200 outstanding bills that need to be sent out. most of those are
9:37 pm
late 2 billing cycles or less. i'm michael finy 7 on your side. >> listen to this. police say oakland man led them on wild chicago's before getting caugh caught. authorities spotted stolen car in park lot of the jack london aquatic center. police tried to pull it over when police say he crashed that a ups truck on the embarcadero then tried to run by diving that the oakland east fewary and then hijacking a sailboat. stokes man for the alameda county sheriff's department says he's seen a lot of people over the years try to avoid being arrested, but they didn't usually go through a criminal triathalon to get away. well there will be no tuition increase for uc students in the fall but they will continue to pay a small surcharge. that's something that frustrates many students. abc 7 news education reporter lee ann explains why. >> compared to all those drs. particular tuition hike, 60 dollar a year surcharge for uc
9:38 pm
students doesn't seem lake a lot of money. except that students say that extra charge is unfair. >> students are not just a piggy bank that the regent can crack open. they need to know there's push back. there's going to be a fight. >> money there's come from somewhere. >>reporter: here's why current students have to pay for something that happened back in 2003. of 10 years ago facing massive state bump it cut uc officials say they had to raise the tuition. even after sending out bills and even after promising graduate students they would see no tuition hikes. the court then found uc acted improperly. and rules that those former students had to be reimbursed. and that's why today's students are paying for that reimbursement. through the . l. >> rants turning to students every time they need to pay for something including past fee on
9:39 pm
stirngts the regent voted to extend the surcharge through 2 2018 to finish paying off the last of the lawsuit judgment. uc officials have said there are no independent resurss to pay for these reimbursement. >> tuition increases were result of state funding cut. now the tuition surcharge 60 dollars a year, one-third goes to financial aid so that surcharge is benefiting our neediest students. >>reporter: the surcharge will bring in a total of 91 million dollars by the time it expires in 2018. lee ann, abc 7 news. san jose trying a new tactic to draw people to the downtown area. free ultra fast wi-fi. city calls it wickedly fast. it uses san jose existing fiber net work and dozens of new antenna from wireless to web speed. compares to land line really. the service covers one and a
9:40 pm
half square mile area of downtown from the center performing art to san jose state university. city employee will also use it and not just to check restaurant review. >> some things we need to wir wirelessly connect and manage our parking meters. wireless and can pay electronically and other city department and function that is have information they collect downtown. >>reporter: visitors to downtown san jose connect to the service connecting to the wi-fi network. >> there is word that twitter will launch a music service later this month. twitter has taken over the we are hunted. that's a service that is for finding music on line. and according to c net it use that is technology to build the mobile app. >> mean time facebook is working on inincorporating hash tag brain child of twitter of course. hash tag feature would allow face book to group conversations so that they can then build around certain topic like pope francis or abc 7 new
9:41 pm
news. facebook hopes that the feature would give users more reason to stay on the site longer and txvr(y on some of the ads. >> and samsung launch new phone today as expected the galaxy s 4 has smart scroll feature camera monitors the user eye movement. the screen is bigger yet thinner than predecessor. samsung also has longer battery life. better camera and can translate 9 language. galaxy s 4. >> superstar jeff gordon and wild spin. why he is taking one guy for the ride of his one guy for the ride of his life. stay wit
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
>> california state treasurer bill lock yer apparently called off his divorce. lock year has withdrawn the divorce papers
9:45 pm
that he failed last year when his wife nadia was battles methamphetamine addiction. nadia forced to resipe from her seat on the alameda county board of supervisors and later arrested for drug possession. she has now completed a 6 month rehab is. spokesman for the treasurer says that is he's proud of her progress and agreed to work things outgoing forward. they have a 9-year-old son. >> now to ins car driver jeff gordon and wild pepsi prank ad. champion driver put on a disguise to pull a fast one on supposedly unsuspecting car sales man. nick has the story. >> ins car jeff gordon hane the wheel. apparently taking unsuspecting car sales man on test drive lick no other. millions of you tube hits later a viral home run for pepsi max which starts out with jeff
9:46 pm
gordon showing up at the dealership in disguise. with hidden camera. can of pepsi. >> gravitate to the camaro oychlt i don't know if i can handle it. i have never driven anything like this before. >> you are liable for any damage to the vehicle so please stop the car. >> but is any of this real. >> well pepsi spokesperson told us that have a stunt man did the driving. >> please stop the car or slow down. >> refused to say whether steve is really a car sales man or an actor. but stressed his reactions are 100 percent genuine. >> stop the car stop the car right now. >> sort of suspect it needs second viewing. >> also enthusiast notice the flaw. rubber mark on the ground. >> multiple take taken so i though that the sales man was an actor. i was told that by my source on the set. >> still exposure people talking about negative way they are still talking about it. >> tweet suggest a lot of people don't care if it's fake or not. >> still a lot of fun to watch.
9:47 pm
it's a great ad. >> viral prank the future of advertising? that's the ads done it before with old man called uvrng you will drew. the cavalier irving in disgus. up staging the young buck. >> i don't know how much longer you can keep this up or without realizing they are being tricked but for now it's getting a lot of hits and that's what the brands care about. >> i'm talking about right now and it is pretty funny. real car sales man mit actually have had a heart attack and that would not be funny. >> abc news los angeles. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. book that won't take up any shell space. stay with us any s[ male announcer ] withus citibank it's easy for jay
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>> jap that's company is hoping it has created the world's smallest book. it is 22 pages. called flowers of seasons. they give you perfect speck stiff the metal object next to it of course is a sewing needl needle. look how tiny it is. book comes with own magnifying glass which as you can tell will come in pretty handy. company is aiming for official title from guinness world record we'll see. >> if you have ever wondered what it's like being the president right hand man, thanks to new audio series starring vice president joe biden, you can find out the answer. >> everyone this is joe biden vice president bind. i wanted to start this audio series to give you all a closer look inside the life at the white house. >>reporter: it's being launched today being biden promises listeners a can dd perspective of everything from meetings at the white house to travels around the country. >> lets talk about being sandhya for the movement update
9:52 pm
the forecast. >> it's getting late isn't it dan? let me show you live doppler 7hd clouds manufacturing out of the north bay. we have still some hay clouds passing through the east bay. peninsula. south bay. here's what it looks like tomorrow. filtered svrnlt temperatures very much like today. 75 in napa. 65 degrees for new san francisco. some fog hanging around half man bay. 59 degrees. santa cruz 72. palo alto 74 san jose and 75 in livermore. all right this saturday san francisco st. patrick's day parade. going down market street. it will end up at civic center plaza and if you are heading to the parade on saturday, it's going to be sunny. mild weather as you will notice. low to mid 60's by 3:00 p.m. sunday mild upper 60's showing up and it will start to get breezy by 5:00 p.m. temperature dropping down to the mid 60's. looking lovely and we keep it nice right on through the weekend. sunday is st. patrick's day. rain cooler weather tuesday and wednesday dan. >> okay slept thanks very much.
9:53 pm
>> now to being beall. that would make a reality show right there. >> i'm not sure what channel that was on. >> l yes. they are going to be bidding for that. a lot of people if vegas leave with that losing feeling. happened to cal tonight in the pack 12 tournament up net set in overtime. so what does this do to thehe
9:54 pm
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at&t. dad: you excited for day? ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok?
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girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. if. >> all right coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. he's young talented now missin missing. all out search for bay area man who recently suffered a serious head injury. latest and the woman would claims to have been pope francis's childhood girlfriend. promise he made to her that changed his life. those stories and more come up on 7 news at 11:00. over on channel 7, larry here with all the sports. good college basketball tonight and you said not for cal. >> not for cal.
9:57 pm
>> this is really wide. hate conference tournament at the end of the season because not much to gain and often to lose. 2 seed cal got knocked off by 10 seed utah in the pack 12 quarter final. came in with record of 14 and 17 but enthusiastic. cobb the a game. love the aggressiveness of the bear led up by 1 at the half. lowest scoring team in the pack 12. never quite pull away from cal. glen dean acrobatic shot. under 2 minutes to mraichlt justin cobb hits the 3. bear up 4. game high 26. 8 seconds left. yacht down 3. cal with foul. didn't take it. jerrad, 6-3 and we go to over time. dominate. jordan. had 20 and then jason washburn ices it. cal gets eliminated from the pack 12 turny 79-69. 20 and 11 they have to wait until sunday to see whether they geten serrated to the tournament.
9:58 pm
thinking they are in but see seeding lower than they hoped. here's ucla. huge dunk. mohammad poster 7 fat 2 inch jordan from arizona statement carson. he can play. lit up stanford yesterday and had 21 in this game. 12 seconds left. travis puts the bruins up 3. john giling rim out ucla on to the semi as they beat asu 80-7 80-75. last summer the shark they sat at home. they watched as so-cal rival hosted stanley cup. men in teal slap a slide hosting the champ. shark led 1 nothing in the second when andrew deck frasier lead to fight between tv these 2 and gets 4 extra minutes of penalty. >> top shelf. third goal of the year. 2 nothing shark over the l.a. king. minute 27 later still on the power play.
9:59 pm
with a rocket from the point. and right now the shark leading the king 4-1. defensive line man ricky back up with the 49ers. just by him a big buck start up for the colts. 4 years. 22 and half million dollars in endy. started only 2 games with the niners. that was after justin smith. hurt the elbow in week 15. 22 tackle. 2 sack. not nearly the impact player that smith is but free agency is all about supply and demand so if you want, quality player, you have to pay up. 10 teams have an interest in him. ram running back jackson left st. louis because he said he wanted to play for contender. he found one. if cons. bruising back. over 10,000 yards rushing. 56 touch downs in the 9 year nfl career. april 25. day one of the 2013 nfl draft where dreams be

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